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Wilson Media Systems.
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I will not knowingly create any web site that defames any person, company, religion, ethnicity or country. I will not create any site that promotes intolerance and hatred.

I will not be held responsible for the content of any external web site that your site links to, or of any external web site that links to yours.

Wilson Media Systems does not provide web hosting facilities. You must have access to a web server, or an internet service provider.

Although I endeavour to make my software as secure as possible, it is strongly recommended that the customer undertake their own tests for software vulnerabilities in my code. If any are found, I will work to remove them, free of charge.

Support is free for 1 year. This includes resupplying code lost for any reason, restoring code on the web server if required and correction of any errors missed in testing.

It does not cover any modification to the html, or to the code in the technical package, except for error correction.

All software remains the intellectual property of Wilson Media Systems.